The gallery
NancyMaj is a Nordic Art Gallery online. The gallery is created by women and does only represent female artists and artists that identify themselves as such.
The artists
At the moment there are three artists represented at the Gallery: Anna De Matos, Madelene Rajala and Marina Rajala. Are you interested in joining? Please visit the contact page.
The art
The art found here is a mix of many genres, techniques and art movements. What it has in common is its powerful female creators and the unique beauty that every original painting has.
The name
The name was chosen by the artist Anna De Matos, who is also the founder of the gallery.
Nancy and Maj. Their loss is deeply felt and the love and respect Anna felt and still feel for these powerful women made her want to dedicate her creations to them, as a gesture of gratitude for the time, love and patience they once dedicated to her.
They were Anna’s grandmothers. Family is an important piece in the puzzle we call life. It has many shapes and forms and changes over time, but it has the possibility to give us so much joy. Nancy and Maj also gave her that.
They made her feel proud and happy to be a woman. They inspired her and still do.